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Exacting Exchange

Exacting® is a new business methodology that unlocks shareholder value through a focus on your core business. The Exacting process underpins your firm’s core business competency and creates enhanced shareholder value through freeing up cash to be invested elsewhere in the firm. It is a revolutionary methodology based on proven financial management practices and world-class technology.

Exacting enables you to maintain direct communications with your customers and retain complete control over your invoice payment process.

seamless. A consistent, proven, and totally integrated process to eliminate unproductive micro-lending – from point of invoice to payment confirmation.

simple. The Exacting® reconciliation process ensures simple daily reporting and accurate data matching.

secure. Financial certainty and data integrity. Immediate access to invoice value combined with data reconciliation synchronized to your administrative systems.

To find out more about how Exacting Exchange can unlock shareholder value for your company contact us.


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